Deploy, manage, and analyze large networks of web-enabled devices

How it works

geonecta allows you to easily upload, store, and visualize data from sensors and other devices.

We offer plug-and-play sensors of over 50 different types, measuring variables like temperature, humidity, noise levels, and air quality. Alternatively, if your own devices speak HTTP, you can easily connect them to geonecta too!


geonecta is currently being offered free of charge for testing purposes. You only need a valid email account to start monitoring your sensor devices!

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geonecta is powerful yet simple enough to be used by a wide range of people, including application developers, researchers, city officials, businesses, hobbyists, and artists.

Deploy your internet of things / sensor networks application with geonecta and

  • Measure micro-climates in buildings and home environments
  • Track the mobility patterns of a group of cellphone users
  • Create truly smart cities
  • Monitor industrial and home appliances
  • Manage a large fleet of vehicles

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